Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh hi there!!!

I used to have a blog.  I found that old blog tonight and remembered how much I loved blogging...and how much I loved rereading old posts.  So I decided to start a new blog.

I suppose the first thing is an introduction of sorts.  I'm Kim, a thirtysomething year old mom of four. I run.  A lot.  That'll be the main focus of this blog as I just recently started training for the Portland Marathon (it will be my third) and I want to document the journey.  I'll have to sprinkle in some things about my kids too, though, because they're darn cute.

Here's a quick overview before I get into the nitty gritty of marathon training.  In addition to a mom and a runner I am a teacher, a photographer (go check out my page http://www.cherishphotography.net), a lover of the Red Sox and the Patriots, a horrible gardener, a decent cook but a really good eater, a cat lover, a scary movie hater, and a Rod Stewart music lover (my husband thinks this is weird but I think he's just secretly jealous that my musical taste is superior to his).

The Portland Marathon is three months away.  I started training two weeks ago after I took a bit of easy run time after the Colfax Marathon in May.  I'm excited to start this journey again - or continue it.  I missed a BQ by one minute four seconds in my last marathon.  I was thrilled with that race because I beat my goal time by 19 minutes and didn't think I would even come close to qualifying.  But now, it's on.  My goal is to shave that minute and four seconds off my time (more would be even better!). This time, I'm training with my good friend Melanie who will be joining me in Portland.  I'm so excited to have someone to train and run with.  She's a great motivator who ran Boston last year and I'm so excited to do this with her.

Melanie and I are kind of pulling bits and pieces from different plans to build one that works for both of us and our busy lives.  This morning we headed to the track for speed work - 6x800s.  I ended up with just shy of 7 miles total after accounting for our warmup, cool down, and recovery laps.  Not a bad place to start.

I don't take a lot of run pictures but I guess I'll have to start now.  In the mean time, here is my other running buddy, Axe.