Sunday, September 27, 2015

One week happy dance!

The Portland Marathon is one week from today and I can't wait!!  During my last marathon taper I had some major marathon obsessing...I was so nervous and definitely over thinking things.  This time I've definitely taken that down a notch (maybe I'd call it a huge interest in all things marathon instead of an obsession).  The difference, so far, is that I'm not nervous.  I'm excited.  Sure I remember how hard miles 20-26 are, but I know what to expect and I'm ready.  I've trained well - I feel like other than one or two missed runs for sickness and one for vacation, I stuck to the plan.  When I didn't want to run 8 mile tempo runs, I did.  And I ended loving speed work days (still not sure how that happened).

I've been going through all the taper crazies though - caught a cold, my body hurts in realllllly weird places, I can't stop eating all the things, bed time is early, heck, I even cut back on wine!  (Just a little though).  My last couple of runs have been pretty miserable, but looking back at my last training cycle, this was also the case then, so I'm not worried about it a bit.  I'm just excited to get going.

I have a nice 3 mile run, a 4 mile race pace run, and a 2 mile run on tap this week...then it's off to Portland!  I'm excited to get outside and enjoy the beauty of fall this week while I finish out this training cycle.  Fingers crossed for a great week and an even better race!

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