Thursday, July 9, 2015

How I spend my days off

Usually I get up early to go for my runs so I can get back before all of the kids are awake.  Today I got up early, but not to run.  And today I dragged the kids out of bed early with me.  We rented a Jeep and took the two big boys (the babies had preschool) up to explore the Alpine Loop.

It was incredibly beautiful.  And cold.  Very cold.  Our jeep had no windows and it was 41 degrees when we left the house.  But we had SO much fun!!!  We drove around, hiked a bit, had a picnic lunch, explored an old ghost town, and threw a few snowballs.

It was bumpy!!

This was right around where we saw a moose.  It was too far away to get any good pictures though 😑

(Don't believe him, I think he actually had fun).  The sign driving down from this point said the elevation was 12,800 feet.

This place reminded us of a hike we did on our honeymoon in Argentina.  So naturally we took a selfie.

Seriously, how lucky are we to get to live so close to all this?

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