Sunday, July 5, 2015

Running mom...through the eyes of a child

I found this survey over at Shut Up and Run and thought it might be fun to snag and try out.  I asked Jude, my 9 year old, these questions.  I put my input in parentheses after.  I spend so much time thinking about running and other than worrying about it taking time away from the kids, I haven't given much thought to their perspective on it.  This was fun!

(This is Jude.  And his personality)

1. What does your mom eat before a run?  Eggs? (Nope, never.  I eat them after but can't stand burping up eggs when I run!)

2. How far does your mom run every day? 8 miles (good guess!  Not quite every day, but close)

3. What was your mom's favorite race? Colfax (Bingo)

4. Why do you think your mom runs? Because it's active and she likes it.

5. What injuries has your mom had from running? Blood blisters.

6.  Do you like going to your mom's races? Yes.

7. Does having a mom who runs make you want to run? Yes because it seems fun.

8. What have you learned from having a mom who runs? That you can do lots of stuff that you're good at.  And that girls can run marathons. (This one cracked me up)

9. What is your least favorite thing about having a mom who runs? She smells bad. (I'm going to pretend he means this as after I run and not in general)

10.  Do you think you'll run when you're mom's age? Yep.

This was fun.  I hope that through running I can set some good examples for my kids - that a healthy active lifestyle is a good one to have, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, and that it's good to have a hobby you enjoy.  Aw, sappy moment.

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