Friday, July 31, 2015

July recap

July was a busy month of running (again).  I logged 160.42 miles as I continued my training for the Portland Marathon in October.  I had my first 40 mile week since April and logged my longest run since Colfax in May.

Here are my monthly highlights:

I hit the trails some for my runs.  Axe and I enjoyed exploring new areas and seeing new places.  We enjoyed the challenges of the hills and rocky terrain and are looking forward to more trail runs next month.

On July 4, Melanie and I ran the Gothic to Crested Butte 1/3 Marathon.  It was a fun run and I was excited to earn 2nd in my age group with a time of 1:08:33.  

Speed work, for the second month in a row, didn't kill me.i didn't even hate it by the end of the month.  In fact, I enjoyed the last speed workout which was mile repeats.

Melanie and I had a tough 12 mile run.  It was one of those runs that we both struggled with and didn't enjoy much - but we powered through it and conquored it!

Last weekend we did what I consider the first of the really long runs - 15 miles (plus a cool down mile I added to let Axe run a little too).  I love the way I feel after a good long run, especially a successful one.

My tempo runs were pretty good this month - I'm sustaining a faster pace this marathon training cycle than I did for the last one, so I'm excited about that progress.  I ran 8 miles at a 7:30 pace yesterday including warm up and cool down.  That's stinkin' fast for me and my little legs!

The Portland Marathon emailed me my bib number yesterday.  I guess it's really going to happen!

The best part of my running month wasn't a run, but I'm thinking it may help my running a little bit (or at least help those little niggles and aches and pains). I got a massage this week and it was magic.  I've had more soreness this training cycle.  I think it's due to adding in speed work.  So I got a massage.  I had no soreness after at all and my next run felt amazing.  I think it will become a regular thing.

I also had a great month outside of running.  We did a lot of hiking and exploring.  

I'm hoping August treats us as well as July did - it's the last month of summer here!

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