Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June recap

I feel a little funny recapping a month that I didn't blog about at all, but if I'm going to document this journey, I should start at the beginning (at least the beginning of this training cycle).

On June 10 Melanie and I booked our flights and registered for the Portland Marathon.  And then the training began.  I ran the Colfax Marathon on May 17, so I took the end of May and beginning of June as recovery time.  Then I hit the road again.  

In June my mileage total was 132.34 (bringing my 2015 total to 808.98 miles) which I was pretty happy with.  After starting to build back up, my longest run was 12.11 miles.  I also did my first three (ever!) speed work sessions.  Those were super hard for me, but I felt amazing after I finished them.  When I trained for Colfax, I didn't do any specific speed work other than tempo runs, but I decided (with plenty of encouragement from Melanie) that if I am going to qualify for Boston, I better toughen up and do it. 

In June, Melanie and I also developed our training plan.  We are using a hybrid of running plans loosely bars on Hal Higson's intermediate I.  We are making one of the midweek long runs a tempo run and are replacing the other midweek long run with Hanson's speed work/strength workouts.  I think.  We are keeping the long runs mostly the same but are definitely making some adjustments (like this weekend I think we are supposed to run 12 miles but we are running a 1/3 marathon race instead - shorter run but harder effort).

My June highlights were:
- plenty of chances to run in the rain.
- running with Derek (the hubs) in Fort Collins.  I love checking out new neighborhoods and I love when he joins me for runs.
- surviving my first track workouts
- breaking in a new pair of running shoes. They are white and boring, but feel like clouds on my feet.
- the weather finally warming enough to run in shorts
- getting to go play in the Boulder Running Company store.  While we were there, Kelsy chose a Power Bar that she said she was going to save for when she runs her first marathon.

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